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We recently created a website for Benelux Travel Experts, travel agency providing tailor-made solutions mainly for professionals visiting Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, France and Germany. You can simply click on the link to check the result.


SIM card and Packaging design for Ortel Mobile Belgium



Colorful and energetic SIM pack created for Ortel Mobile, the #1 mobile service provider for cheap international calls in Belgium. Project included package cover, user manual and of course their brand new SIM card as well.

How to Succeed on Social Media in 3 simple steps


It is so easy! First open accounts on facebook, twitter, youtube and others, then get cute or terribly ugly kittens. Take their pictures and share!  Still no success? Well maybe this time you contact us. 😀

Marketing Campaign BenimsigortaM Health Insurance

Benimsigortam’s marketing campaign launched in October and will run until the last day of 2013. Differently from the campaigns of the last two years, the main focus is to create offer awareness amongst a wider range of the ethnic population living in the Netherlands. To do this, we made the campaign multilingual and as informative as possible. The flyers, posters and roll-ups we created as POS materials and the banner ads, web slides and Facebook banners made for this campaign, showed a clear overview of all information in multiple languages.

Benimsigortam_2014_poster_Onstreet Benimsigortam_2014_Flyer_Inside_OutsideBenimsigortam_2014_Flyer_Inside

Explanimation for Wedding Insurance

Did you know there are insurance companies specialized for weddings? We didn’t know until we had a request to create an explanimation by Diamondsurelife. They wanted the coolest animation ever done in their sector which they can share on social media, youtube and their own website. We tried to simplify the story and explain all with an animation just like a fairytale.

DUO SIM pack

Brand new SIM pack created for Ortel Mobile France. Awesome!



Top-up Card special for an Islamic festival


Gold top-up card for Internet

A gold recharge top-up card created for Ortel Mobile Spain for their excellent offers.



4000th like on Facebook!

Successful facebook campaigns are now paying off!  We are celebrating 4000th fan of Ortel Mobile Spain on Facebook.


Barcelona & Madrid Metro Campaign

Barcelona_Madrid_Metro_Campaign1Barcelona_Madrid_Metro_Campaign3 Barcelona_Madrid_Metro_Campaign2